6 Reasons To Choose WordPress 2020

Why Choose WordPress Complete Guide

WordPress Platform is Popular because of its Easy Use and Tool Availability in the market. There are Thousands of Themes and plugins available in the WordPress Repository and another site to use and design any type of WordPress website today. In this article, we will cover why to choose WordPress.

There are Other Content management system available in the market for creating eye-catching website But people choose WordPress and Why to choose WordPress as their CMS for the website and for blogging

First of All who is WordPress for and why should use it? Why People Choose CMS?

1: Website Cost

The first most exciting factor is website cost You can create a beautiful and attractive website by yourself without pay to a developer at a low cost. Just by easy drag and drop page builder and Themes, you can create a professional website.

2: Ease of use

Content management system like WordPress is easy to use for everything. If you want to design your personal site it’s simply easy to buy Domain + hosting Install Your desire theme and your website is ready to publish content.

3: Online Support

WordPress is a great community and lots of people support it. WordPress is popular because of this factor lots of helpers help you in every step related to WordPress. Having active online Support which is the biggest loveable factor of WordPress.

4: To Customize

WordPress Website is a combination of Themes and Plugins, All give you Drag and drop options to Customize your website. How easily you can customize your WordPress blog/website using WordPress By simply go to layout and manage your website without programming skills.

5: Performance

Performance means fast speed. The more your content management system fast more easily and fast your content will be shown to visitors. Security and Seo and lots of other factors that make WordPress on the top.

6: Search Engine Friendly

In starting of website/blog creation every one wants to rank higher in a search engine that’s why choosing a search engine-friendly platform is the best practice and WordPress has these Functionalities to Rank website faster.

WordPress is a very popular CMS because lots of clients want to design a site for them on the WordPress platform because it’s easily customizable and easy to use everyone can manage without programming experience.

Why choose WordPress and Who WordPress Below are some Useful Purposes of WordPress use:

1. Entrepreneurs

WordPress is the first priority of an entrepreneur because they use it to grow business and attract traffic from the world. Different niche entrepreneur uses it for their purpose.:

2. E-commerce store

If you can run any type of trade dropshipping and things you can sell on the website then WordPress is the right choice for you.

3. Startup

The startup is a new company the new way of doing business if you want a startup and you don’t want to invest lots of money in advertisements then WordPress is best for you to explore your business.

4. Freelancer

Freelancers love WordPress. There’s lots of competition in the WordPress niche as a freelancing career.

People from different parts of the world suggest WordPress websites because of their functionality and Reliability. You can offer different services as a freelancer on the freelancing site and earn handsome money through it

5. Service website:

You can create your own service provider a website in which you will offer different services and then after people visit your site they will give you a project after completion you will earn lots of income.

6. Smart Worker

Smart worker are those people who do other work at a time like a person doing a job in one company and after duty, he shares his/her share daily experience
with the audience on a WordPress blog is a beneficial way to explore knowledge.

7. University Student

You can share your university quiz assignment and related content  on a WordPress website that’s a great way to share content

8.Digital CV

Digital online cv that attracts your client that what you do in the paste to trust and give you the opportunity of work

9. Blogging:

WordPress Content Management system is the most popular and preferred platform to use for blogging because there are Thousands of Theme of plugins available in the market to use for your blog to get better ranking.

You can use WordPress for blogging purposes to share different niche content on a WordPress blog.

10. WordPress For Job

As WordPress is used for publishing content purpose here is a Big factor You can Use WordPress to create a Job Portal website to Upload the Latest jobs Related to a specific Area or Keyword


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