7 Steps to Choose a Domain Name For SEO

How To Choose a Domain Name

In every blog or website creation, you need a Virtual presence name that called a domain name. Today is this article we will discuss in 7 Steps How to choose a domain name for your blogs.

What is Domain Name

What is Domain Name
What is Domain Name

A domain name is the address of your website. To choose a Domain name is a highly confusable thing if you think to stand out in the crowd. Because  Internet users can simply type your domain name to access your website/ blog in all Search Engines.

Mainly Domain name has 2 parts 1 is your domain name2 is your domain extension.

For example :

In Google is a Domain name of Google Search engine and .com is the domain extension

How To Register a Domain Name

Below are some best companies from which you can Register your domain

  • Namecheap

There are  7 Steps to Choose a Domain Name

7 Steps to Choose a Domain Name
7 Steps to Choose a Domain Name

1) Select .com Domain

There’s a lot of domain name available in the market with a different extension like .com .org .pk .net .co and so many more these are examples of the domain name. But I will recommend choosing a .com domain name because it’s easy to memorize and easy to search

2) Use a keyword in Domain

Your main keyword needs to use in your domain name is best for search engine optimization. By using your target keyword in the domain name is to show your branding to search engine. If you have a blog on health, tech, education, news, etc keep in mind to use your main keyword in the domain name is the best practice for bloggers.

3) Keep Domain Name Short

To keep Domain name length short is best practices Choose easy domain with best pronunciations. The importance of a short domain is easy to type and it’s memorable. So it’s more effective and recommended from Experts  to create your name under 15 character

4) Avoid Dash and Hyphens 

Keep in mind not to choose a domain name with hyphens is neither useful for Branding nor for Ranking

5) Avoid Number in Domain

Another Step in choosing a domain is to try to choose a domain name that not having numbers Like experience is not good for visitors because a domain with your brand without numbers show your professional work

6) Avoid Trademark Name

Not to choose your name that’s a brand name already like Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc

7) Be Creative

Choose the best and unique name for your website. Not choose a domain keyword that is already registered to try to select a different word combination that looks creative.

For More Guide 

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These are step by step Guide on how to choose a Domain for your website try to keep in mind these all Important step this will Improve your branding and ranking.


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