How To Backup WordPress Website

Create and Manage a website is easy Today. We create and design a different website for our purpose and make changes on a daily basis. Backup WordPress Website is simply easy today. Sometimes different problems occur in our site like

  • Sometimes we are doing Mistake in our site
  • Make some changes to the website 
  • Sometimes with hosting problem our website Down 

To keep live your website and recover it Fast we need a backup so in this article, i will share How To Backup Your WordPress Website for Free

What is Backup

In Simple Words, website backup is to Take a copy of your website on a particular date and then keep it safe.

Why Backup Is Important?

Let’s take an example in simple words

You have a smartphone and you take numerous photos everyday special time with family and friends for that you need to take a copy of your photos in your local computer

Then one day you lose your phone and without a backup of your phone you will lose every single memory of your  life So now think of your website

After you take a backup and you make changes in your website and one day your website stop working

  • What you will do in this situation 
  • How you will  Recover your site

If you have a backup you will show your website again and your website will recover.

So i will recommend taking a backup of your website

How To Take Backup WordPress Website

To take a backup there are the different method used

For example


  • Backup Using Your Hosting C Panel
  • Using the WordPress Dashboard Export Section



You can Use Different plugins to take a backup like

  • Duplicator
  • All in one wp Migration
  • UpdraftPlus

So How To Do This With Plugin

Go  WordPress Dashboard > plugin > Add New

Search  Updraftplus

Backup Your WordPress Website
updraft Installation

Install this Plugin and click Activate

So once the plugins activate now take the backup

Go to UpdraftPlugn plugin and click setting

Backup Your WordPress Website
Updraft Setting

Click Backup  Now

Backup Your WordPress Website
Backup Of Website

Click backup and in a little time you will see the backup

Backup Your WordPress Website
See You Backup File

Now you can Download Your Backup by click On the Database to download the database click Plugins to download Website plugins and also Same for theme and Uploads.


As a result, Backup will keep your website safe and you can use it anytime.


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