How To Disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor And Keep Classic Editor

How To Disable Gutenberg Wp Editor Plugin

WordPress is a popular CMS in the world-famous for flexibility and Easy Use. If we consider the easy use of WordPress then here Easy setup and customization come to mind. WordPress release New update 5.0 in which a new Gutenberg WordPress Editor Also Come to the Market.

The maximum number of WordPress users does not want to use Gutenberg Editor which is Now a built-in Feature in WordPress new update version 5.0 so in this article, we will cover how to disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor.

What is Gutenberg WordPress Editor?

A maximum number of WordPress users know what is Gutenberg but some will be not Familiar. Gutenberg is a Block Wp Editor Plugin + PAGE Builder which is released with WordPress 5.0 version to create different types of posts and pages using the advance Gutenberg WordPress editor plugin.

With WordPress Gutenberg is an editor for writing blog posts and also you can use it for Creating posts and page content with an Easy Drag and drop Block available.

Gutenberg is a smart block Editor but due to its advanced features availability that’s why some user Dislike it by these features and like the old Classic Editor to use it for Normal use.

If you install the WordPress version to 5.0 or update your previous version to the new 5.0 you will get Gutenberg by default but it’s not mean that you can’t change the Gutenberg editor.

Now we will Discuss how to Disable Gutenberg and Keep the classic editor

How to Disable Gutenberg WordPress Editor

There are Different Methods available but we will use a plugin to Disable Gutenberg and enable Classic editor. So Follow all these steps

  1. Go to Your WordPress Dashboard Click Plugin > Add New
  2. Search For Classic Editor and Install > Activate
  3. After successful Installation Go to That Plugin Setting You will Find 2 Options.
  • Default Editor For All Users

    • Classic Editor
    • Block Editor (Gutenberg)
  • Allow User to switch Editor

    • YES
    • NO

Simply if you want to Enable Classic Editor and Disable Gutenberg then check that radio Button in option and save setting go to Post and Check You will find classic Editor working.

But in case you want to keep Both of Editor and switch on required time then there is another option you need to Click Below 2 option which provides the functionality to Users to switch Editor From One to Another.

After, Click YES go to post editor  you will see both Options either Use Block Editor or Classic Editor

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As a result, you will disable the Gutenberg editor in your WordPress 5.0 and enjoy the classic editor in case you need another one select it from Setting and Enjoy Both of them.


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