Why Use WordPress For Website Complete Guide

Top Reasons Why Use WordPress For Website

WordPress is the most popular Content Management system in the world which can do everything and anything that you want to design. 1/3 Of the website are hosted on WordPress. In this article, there is a Complete Guide On Top Reasons Why Use WordPress For Website its Purposes

Why Use WordPress?

Here is a Complete Guide about why to choose WordPress and Its Purposes that you can use WordPress for many different purposes such as blogging and website.

Easy To Setup

WordPress is a Free open source platform where you don’t need to Buy or Pay for this software. Just free download it from WordPress Site and then things you need is Your Domain and Hosting which is the main Wheel of Your website. Domain name is Identity of a website which user will access to visit and Hosting is Online storage where your website is hosted.

In Past days creating website was hard with the need of Coding skills like HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT PHP + MYSQL etc but today with WordPress it’s easy and fast.

With wordpress, you can Setup your website In minutes without coding.

Easy To Use

WordPress is Easy to use that’s why it attracts the most Business and Startups to Use it for every purpose. If you think of WordPress user in which maximum are not Web designer and not a developer but Using WordPress because of easy drag and drop features with no coding required.

WordPress Provides you an easy customization setting panel to change website setting, and this is the most Popular benefit or WordPress we find in the market that why people use WordPress.

Tool Availability

There are Thousands of Themes and Plugins available in WordPress repository through which you can set up a website and after Domain and hosting These are Important factors of Website. Themes are the appearance of your WordPress website and plugins is used to add new functionality to your website.

Some Themes and Plugins are premium and some are free but as a beginner level you can use the free version and then after some time shift to premium to get better Functionality


WordPress is a large community where you will find any type of website use WordPress. Sometimes problems occur due to the attacker but the best thing is WordPress have a professional security team to manage bugs and trying to fix it fast.

WordPress community is managing security itself. There are Tools available by which you can secure your website like Plugin for Change your login Detail Set Approval on Login Attempts etc

SEO and User-Friendly

WordPress platform is developed using a Smart code by which Search engines love to rank website hosted on WordPress.

WordPress theme is Responsive and Speed optimizes to give reliability to the user to see pages fast. And according to 2019 WordPress updates Website with Https Security and without speed optimize will be a de-rank form search engine.

Many bloggers also love to use WordPress because there are Tools available for SEO like Yoast Plugin.

Yoast is an SEO plugin which contains SEO step by step instruction by which you can Make you article optimize and rank fast in search engines.

The purpose for Which you use WordPress:

There are different Types of purposes below for which you can use WordPress. To manage your website More easily with lots of Professional Tool so let’s discuss

Some of Important Purposes and Benefits of WordPress

  • Personal Blog
  • Business website
  • Portfolio Website
  • Community Website
  • online forum 
  • Job Website

Personal Blog:

WordPress is a Content management system which gives you the opportunity to use it as a personal blog. You can create  website Just by drag and Drop no need for Programming skills like Html Css Javascript Php and Mysql

Business website:

E-commerce is the growing online business in which an organization can create an online store to sell different Products and earn handsome amount.

If you have a store on WordPress it’s great because of many different organization uses WordPress as a platform to create online stores and By selling different products they are earning lots of Money.

Portfolio Website:

If you are a service provider and want to fast attract many buyers you need to use WordPress.

You can showcase your Skills and existing work for trust and satisfaction. So for the Portfolio website, WordPress is the right choice for you.

Community website:

WordPress is used for the Community site. Are you know that you can create Facebook-like social network using WordPress by simply install plugins that way WordPress is a great place to use.

Online forum:

If you want to create a community of different people and want to merge people from anywhere then you can create a forum using WordPress platform.

Job Website:

Create job website using WordPress is the most beneficial. There are lots of companies which inform popular jobs website to post their job vacancies on the website and attract applicant for a job.

The opportunity and functionality of WordPress are many more.


All of the above top reasons, why use WordPress for a website is the main key point because of which the WordPress content management platform is growing with time.

Highlight these main reasons means that there are Some facts and Functionalities that’s make makes WordPress the best platform and that’s why people Used WordPress


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